Why We Do What We Do

Why is it important that organizations like MidWay exist? What makes MidWay different than other festivals and event organizations?


Keep reading to understand how we came to be and why it's important we stick around.


What We Do

MidWay Music Speaks celebrates & connects women and non-binary people in music via promotion, empowerment, and performance opportunities.


To create a supportive and collaborative environment that gives women and non-binary people in music the opportunity to further their craft and ability to create.


Professionalism, Collaborations and Partnerships, Community Engagement, Equity-Inclusion-Diversity, Transparency

We strive to educate, empower, and entertain.

Our goals as an organization:

  1. Create a welcoming atmosphere for all.

  2. Encourage more women and non-binary people to make music.

  3. Bring more women and non-binary people to the stage.

  4. Develop a more inclusive festival lineup. 

  5. Redefine the standards of the music industry.

What Makes Us Unique

 We book acts that feature at least one women or   non-binary person in music. 

Our phrasing women-featured rather than women-fronted, stems from the idea that we want to embrace women and non-binary talent in every avenue of music. Women-fronted implies that we are focused on finding acts that have a women or non-binary person up front. We do welcome acts like this but also want to make sure we are seeking acts where women and non-binary people are featured as the drummer, bassist, lead or rhythm guitar, and everything in-between.

Need some help booking for your venue or event? Want to diversify your lineup?

We can help with that! Check out our services page for more information.

 We strive to create mentorship opportunities and a safe space for the next generation of artists. 

We want to encourage women and non-binary people, young and old, to pick up an instrument or grab hold of a microphone. We want to normalize seeing a woman or non-binary person leading a workshop or a band. We have created opportunities like Girls Rock Bloomington Camp, Songwriting & Social Justice Club, Rising Star Retreat, and other workshops to assist in inspiring the next generation of artists.

 We are an organization built for women, non-binary people and allies. 

We acknowledge that we have a lot of work to do, but we are constantly working hard to be as inclusive as possible. We prioritize booking lineups that are diverse in: race, gender, sexual orientation. We strive to be a safe space for all musicians and artists - women, non-binary people, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and allies. 

 We prioritize people-first language in order to assist in the implementation of our mission.  

We understand the importance of our mission, but we also want to move away from declaring that our acts are "women musicians" // "non-binary musicians." Our mission is to amplify and elevate these voices - but we will not use this as our only marketing focus. We want to normalize the thought process that the acts we book are, simply put, artists and musicians. 

Why We Do What We Do

A 2016 Huffington Post study revealed a startling truth about the current state of music festival lineups. While women make up over 50% of festival attendees, majority of stage time is covered by 100% male acts. In order to counter these statistics, MidWay Music Festival seeks out and books acts that feature at least one woman-identifying or non-binary artist. Women-featured acts come together in Bloomington, Indiana for one weekend in October to celebrate their achievements and inspire other women and non-binary people in music to pursue their goals.

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