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Terrific organization that empowers young women.

Susan Cassidy,

MidWay Supporter since 2017

MidWay is a sign of hope that women and non-binary people in music can have equal opportunities in this industry. That there are people who really want to see these artists thrive.

Rachel Glago,

Executive Director

It's given them [girls, trans, and non-binary youth] the representation they...need, seeing a woman hand them an instrument and teach them to play something.

Tiana Jimenez-Srisook,

2018 GRB Instructor & Band Coach

100/10 would recommend any female musicians to check this out!

Jae Gasana,

2017 Rising Star Contestant

I love MidWay Music Festival. It was the most fun I had playing ever. It was a special experience...feel like people cared more about my music [than my gender].

Anuta Pravdina (Lemondoza),

3x MWMF Performer


our programming

MidWay Music Speaks celebrates & connects women and non-binary people in music via promotion, empowerment, and performance opportunities.

We strive to Educate, Empower, and Entertain through year-round programming. Hover over the blocks and click on the logos below for more information.

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our audience

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The majority of our audiences are within the ages of 25-34, followed closely by 34-44 and 18-24 year old's. Our largest group of followers consist of Millennial and Gen Z women.

Our audience is based primarily in midwestern cities; especially: Bloomington, IN - Indianapolis, IN - Chicago, IL - Lafayette, IN - Louisville, KY - and Nashville, TN. In addition to these top midwestern cities, we also have begun to build audiences across the U.S. - especially in California and New York.

Non-Online Impact:

~143 Festival Artists & Panelists

~150 Festival Volunteers

~77 Hours of Music at MWMF

~7+ Annual Events or Series


Sponsorship Levels

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